Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Warm Breeze Blowing

A Warm Breeze Blowing | Brydee Rood 2015 | Site Specific Performance and Sound Installation
TIDELINES project curated by Jaenine Parkinson in tandem with Waterfront Auckland, The Arts Foundation - Boosted NZ, Silo Park. Rood performed the work in collaboration with Tamashii Taiko Drummers. The performance of A Warm Breeze Blowing unfolded on on a stepped terrace, intersecting where land meets sea. The essential action of dumping a sacred offering of 4tonnes of melting ice from Sanfords the local seaside fish market, onto the sea steps to greet the rising tide was a ritual act of global cooling. 
Link: A Warm Breeze Blowing published on 1MillionWomen Climate Change Action
Photographer: Joanna Wright | Images: Brydee Rood 2015