Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Percussion of Water

The Percussion of Water streamed from the debris of ‘And No Responsibility’ which was installed over a 10 day period north east of Auckland, beside the coast, in a grove of Pohutukawa Trees  in Tawharanui Reserve. A network of blue string and bells hung the wind blown inflated orange waste collection bags. Post-project the rubbish bags were deflated and returned to the council. I received a package containing a tangled nest of blue string and bells, like the percussion of water I turned the discarded plastic contents over and over at a quickening rhythm in my hands creating a confluent video / sound piece. Stills from 'The Percussion of Water' below:
Video Stills courtesy of Brydee Rood 2010

Something Sacred

Something Sacred / Installation / Brydee Rood 2010 Splore Festival Art Trail / Tapapakanga Reserve New Zealand / Materials: Assorted plastic bags, bells, bamboo, tape, rope light
All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Bird Walk Floor

Bird Walk Floor Installation + Do It Yourself Miromiro Foot Frottage Workshop / Brydee Rood at Japan Day Auckland New Zealand February 2010 / Materials: TGSI (tactile ground surface indicators) and plywood. 
All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

And No Responsibility

...And No Responsibility / Brydee Rood 2010 /  Environmental Art Project / Tawharanui Reserve NZ  Materials: Rodney district rubbish bags, bells, string, air, solar lights, video

All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Te Ra Te Ra Te Ra Black Hole!

Te Ra Te Ra Te Ra Black Hole! Temporary Public Art Project Wellington New Zealand 2009 - 2010 Cited in Mark Amery's writing on The City as a Garden 
All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

The I am Temporary Temple

 The I am Temporary Temple / Brydee Rood 2009 Matariki Installation /  St Michaels Chappell /  CEAC Auckland NZ  materials: Plastic LED rope lights
The I am Temporary Temple (altar + flags)
Installation / The Last Supper Festival 
New York USA Sept 2009
 All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Quiet Bright

Quiet Bright / Installation / Brydee Rood 2009 / PPOW Gallery with The Hostess Project curated by Jamie Sterns / New York City USA / Materials: Hand cut general waste rubbish bag picado flags and solar lights / Review on The Big Idea by Ila Couch 
Images courtesy of Brydee Rood