Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cumulus for a New Market

Cumulus for a New Market | Brydee Rood 2013 Performance curated for Auckland Art Week by Justin Jade Morgan at Development AIR Newmarket Auckland NZ | Materials: Bicycle, titanium glutton sized' rubbish bags sourced from the USA, air, string, rubber bands, pearls, assorted silver accessories.
Images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Untitled Land

Untitled Land - A collaborative project by Brydee Rood and Chiman Dangi situated around a vacant lot come wasteland on Ambamata Temple Road, Udaipur, India 2013. Untitled Land was created site-specifically and dedicated to this particular plot of 'untitled land'. Link to article about Untitled Land / Materials: Local pigment, assorted rubbish bags, raincoats, auto rickshaw, solar lights and miscellaneous reused waste material.

Images courtesy of Brydee Rood and Chiman Dangi
Photographer: Sunil Nimawat

Monday, July 15, 2013

Take My Breath Away

Take My Breath Away / Brydee Rood 2013 / Site Specific Installation and Video at 30Upstairs Art Project Space Wellington NZ
Materials: Jaan flags, buff bin liners, disposable picnic covers and tape

Above: Installation | Below: Video Stills

Images courtesy of Brydee Rood 2013
Installation shots photographed by Shaun Waugh

Promising Greener Futures - Hariyali Hi Bhaavi Jivan Hai

Promising Greener Futures - Bandi River Action / Brydee Rood 2012 - 2013 / Sowing Seeds International Artist in Residence Camp, Jetpur Village, Rajasthan India. The stench, the encrusted greenish chemical build up flanking the riversides, the black-green waters and the unnervingly quiet lack of wildlife of Bandi River inspired this action. Together the Sowing Seeds artists carried this action; standing quietly meditative, holding the cloth, breathing in the noxious air, the souls of our collective footwear pushing into the upper crust of that alien chemical sand. Promising Greener Futures generated a flurry of media attention and visibility; a mere gesture in the potential of a promised greener future and a fervent wish for change. 
Over the course of 48 hours, with the support of the village chief I pulled together a length of white cloth and green paint. Aided by Anant Kumar and Neeraj Patel I hand painted a simple text in English “Promising Greener Futures...” and in Hindi “Hariyali Hi Bhaavi Jivan Hai...” The text suggests our human failures, our ability to promise change and fail repeatedly in our delivery. The political context of the Bandi River shifts responsibilities, its toxic water never finding purity between the textile factory owners illegally dumping untreated chemical waste directly into its flow and from what I grasped (following many discussions and translations) a law which states that dumping untreated waste is illegal and yet there is a governmental failure in enforcing it. In a quiet ritual extension of the act, I folded up the banner, tying it with string, casting it adrift in the Bandi River and leaving it for a few days to grow fetid. Upon retrieving my carefully folded “promise” I found it to be a putrid, foul, mottled grayish and blackened flop.
Assisted by Chiman Dangi and Sowing Seeds Artists
Images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fountain of the Clouded Sky

Fountain of the Clouded Sky / Brydee Rood 2012 Fountain intervention for the Intraspace Project at Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato curated by Leafa Wilson
Materials: Buff coloured rubbish bags, bricks, string, air, water, dye.
Photographer: Aisha Roberts / Images courtesy of Brydee Rood

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picnic at Brahmpol

Picnic at Brahmpol / The Waste Whisperer Series Brydee Rood in collaboration with Chiman Dangi 2013 / Lakeside at Brahmpol Gate Udaipur India / Article: Foreign Artist Spreads Awareness Towards Water Pollution
All images courtesy of Brydee Rood

The Fruit of the Crows

The Fruit of the Crows / Brydee Rood 2012 / Installation / Last Ship Mumbai India
An eclectic offering; an altar drawn across the floor in the delicate accumulations of waste material gathered during a collection exercise in the local Mangrove Swamp in Carter Road, Bandra. A series of micro habitats rest upon the bow of Last Ship reflecting fragments of our temporary and disposable existence, searching for a place between sea and sky, hovering on the cusp of action, beckoning change and vulnerable to the sharp eye of the crow. 
All images courtesy of Brydee Rood