Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Waste Meditation

Sweep Dreams - Still Life with Brooms | Brydee Rood 2014 | Live Installation under a Jacaranda Tree at sunset in Mt Abu Rajasthan with NiV Art Centre Residency India. Materials: Brooms, Survival Blanket, Silver Foil, Jacaranda Flowers | Life Model: Chiman Dangi
Waste Meditation - Performance With Brooms | Brydee Rood 2014 Performance in conjunction with Shakti Sundays - A series of biweekly eco festivals and environmental initiatives in the public space of Fateh Sagar Lake and Art Junction Residency Udaipur India. Materials: Brooms, Survival Blankets, Turban Cloth, Ribbons, Golden Rain Flowers. Sponsored by the Asia:NZ Foundation Arts Grant program. Photographer: (below) Sunil Nimawat | (above) Brydee Rood
 Images courtesy of Brydee Rood 2014