Saturday, December 3, 2022

Island, Is Land, We Land

Island, Is Land, We Land | Performance, Live Installation | Welcome to Nowhere Festival | Brydee Rood 2021 | Mangamahu NZ 

Island, Is Land, We Land was undertaken on the morning of Sunday February 7th 2021 at the Welcome to Nowhere festival in Mangamahu, in the rural outskirts of Whanganui. A communal artist led performance on a tiny island site in the Mangamahu Stream, digging into our embodied connection with the whenua and the poetic construct of being an island together. The work seeks a deeper relationship with the Earth we inhabit in the critical context of Climate Emergency; Island, Is Land, We Land is a shared act of bare, ritual stillness. The concept also reflects narratives of isolation and togetherness in COVID-19 times. Participants gathered stream-side and removed their clothing, swimming naked to the island where 2 buckets of Papa rock, collected and carried to the site from Kai Iwi were waiting. With slow purposeful intent we collectively covered each other with the soft Papa in a connected movement of bodies, breath and voice.

Island, Is land, We Land | Photography and Sound Installation
Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui - The Sarjeant Gallery 2022 | Images: Brydee Rood 2021