Wednesday, November 11, 2015

River Flag

River Flag | Brydee Rood 2015 | Site-specific Performance | Peepal Tree Art Project - Healing Hills Art Residency Morni Hills Haryana India | Materials: Bamboo Thermal Survival Blankets, Jai Mate Di Prayer Flags, Tape, Cotton
Photographers: [above] Satadru Sovan [below] Sandeep Sahdev
Rood harnessed energy, carrying a handmade 6meter bamboo flag cut from gold and silver foil emergency survival blankets, tracing a line of quickening pace through the wheat-fields of Badisher Valley in Morni Hills. River Flag melded into a series of a ritual flag-bearing movements intersecting the point where land meets the flow of the Ghaggar River atop an outstanding rock where lies a small Khera(a temple). Rood struck a balance of power shifting the fluid sheet of the metallic flag in mesmerizing formations adorned in a poncho hewn from local Punjabi Jai Mata Di prayer flags. Jai Mata Di is an ancient hail to the mother of the universe, evoked in Roods performance through her considered use of materials channelling a visual prayer for the survival and wellbeing of the rivers of Mother Earth. River Flag slowed as Rood took pause on the Khera, kneeling steadfast in a firm breeze connecting water, rock and wind.