Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What is perceived today may not exist tomorrow…

What is perceived today may not exist tomorrow… | Performance, video and installation project at Asia:NZ Foundation and Cemeti Art House Residency Pasang Air #2 Yogyakarta Indonesia 2016

Indonesian Art Researcher Stanislaus Yangni writes: Rood’s intimate works evolve from an enduring personal passion with the natural world and ecological issues. During the residency, she choose water as an element to speak about human alienation with nature, and created a live bathing project in Sendang Kasihan, Bantul Village; her work was an encounter between mysticism, tradition, environmental change and peoples everyday habits relating with water. What is perceived today may not exist tomorrow… is the title of Rood’s installation containing 6 video works within a multi channel video and sound project. The Rainmaker (2 videos), Bodies of Water (3 videos) and Rain Keeps Falling (1 video) offer us a meditative perception.
Composite Image - 4x Video Stills: Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water Ritual Bathing Action |  Photographer: Mella Jaarsma

Materials: Natural Indigo dyed Batik drawings combining DIY homemade cassava paste resist and Shibori tie-dye processes worn as ritual bathing cloth for the live performance action in the Sendang Kasihan.

The Rainmaker - a 2channel video installation has also been exhibited in Auckland's Malcolm Smith Gallery Uxbridge Arts and Culture in the exhibition Sacred Economies curated by Balamohan Shingade - reviewed by John Hurrel on Eye Contact with images of the exhibition on Arts Diary
2channel Video Stills: The Rainmaker

Video Still: Rain Keeps Falling

Images: Brydee Rood 2016